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The Grundel is episode 43 of Shadows, written by Jay Fuller.


A malevolent creature abducts a child, intent on a hideous blood sacrifice. Can Agent Finch and her partner stop it in time? Or will the Grundella succeed in freeing its mate from the Agency's eternal prison?


  • Agent Alex Finch - Danielle Pardue
  • Officer John Bayer - Brian Fadem
  • The Grundella - Laura Bailey
  • Michelle Lanely - Pietra Impastato
  • Thomas Lanely - Ziggy Gurnick
  • Jakob Resh - Garytt Poirier
  • Agent Casey Crane - Andrew Tubelli
  • Agent Wolfe - Angela Guo
  • Brad - Andrew Tyma
  • Agents - Jay Fuller, Matthew Agnello
  • Rough Voice - Jay Fuller


  • Crew - John Davitt, Andrew Tyma
  • Special Thanks - Cathy McLaughlin
  • Music - Jay Fuller
  • Edited by Laura Bailey, Jenn Carroll, Andrew Tubelli
  • Director of Photography - Matthew Agnello
  • Written by Jay Fuller
  • Produced by Laura Bailey
  • Executive Producer - Andrew Tubelli
  • Directed by Jay Fuller


Both the Greek columns and the Marsh Chapel location previously appeared in "Apocalypse". Other locations include Commonwealth avenue, the BU Castle and Mugar Library.


  • Agent Finch enters the Agency by giving a password.
  • Jakob alludes to a previous case, in which the Grundel is trapped in a tree, mulched, and pressed into three separate books, trapping it.
  • Jakob has a cactus. Named Pete .

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