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Terminus is episode 51 of Shadows, written by Andrew Tyma et al.


Jakob releases the vampire Titus, in hopes that he will lead them back to Bella. Meanwhile, Bella stirs conflict, forwarding her secret plan.




Locations include the BU Castle and Myles Standish Hall.

The room where Titus is interroagted is the Myles Standish Hall study hall in the basement. It has been used for multiple sets, some in the same episode, including a break room, conference room, office, and lab.

Both scenes of Bella's lair, the painted room and the brick halls, are basement locations in South Campus. While Shadows was filming Bartleby's death in the brick hallways, Baystate entered and filmed a scene on the other side of the basement.

The entrance to Bella's lair is the exterior of the BU Department of Economics.

The alleyway where Brad fights Bella and her lackies is located behind Warren Towers, is used in many Shadows episodes, and is awesome, despite being a wind tunnel.


  • Currently the last episode to feature the character of Jakob Resh, and the last appearance of Quinn Donnelly in the role. Jakob appears to die at the end of the episode, although we do not see his death onscreen, and only learn of it from Elaine.
  • J.D. exhibits magical powers. Bella refers to him as a "great mage", somewhat sarcastically.
  • The episode takes place against the backdrop of vampire gangs rioting. Although not shown onscreen, this offers an indication of the socio-political factors involved in the vampire clans. Blood appears to be in short supply.
  • Dhalia refers to the events that take place in "The Apothecary". After Bella takes the tainting compound from her, Jakob entices her to join the Agency.

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