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Private Paranormal Investigator is episode 41 of Shadows, written by Jay Fuller.


Richard Nielson is an ex-cop, a private detective with a drinking problem. He works for Jakob Resh, and Jakob wants results. Nielson needs to find a case to solve so he won't get the sack.

Bob and Dorothy Quibble are a young couple haunted by a vengeful spirit. They call Richard Nielson. Can Nielson keep his own demons at bay long enough to solve the case?


  • Dorothy Quibble - Guila Clara Kessous
  • Bob Quibble - Chris Miller
  • Richard Nielson - Michael Sgrignari
  • Jakob Resh - Garytt Poirier
  • Agent Beth Starr - Cherelle Glimp
  • Father Jim - Andy Hoglund


  • Crew - Laura Bailey, John Davitt, Darcy Forlenza, Nicole Herrington
  • Sound - Christy Angell
  • Music - Jay Fuller
  • Edited by Christy Angell
  • Written by Jay Fuller
  • Associate Producer - Darcy Forlenza
  • Produced by Nicole Herrington
  • Executive Producer - Kendal Stavros
  • Assistant Director - Nicole Herrington
  • Directed by Nick Henry



  • Nielson doesn't appear to be a member of The Agency. Instead, he's a freelancer who Jakob has "acquired".
  • Actor Michael Sgrignari previously appeared as a cloaked guard in "Salesman".
  • There are no scenes set at The Agency. Jakob visits Nielson instead.

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