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Ohanzee is episode 52 of Shadows, written by Danielle D'Avignon, et al.


In the wake of Jakob's death, the Agency is in disarray. Gary is sent from the office in Buffalo to help reorganize, while a statue with dark powers comes into their possession, pursued by a shadowy being.



  • Julia Henkin
  • Bella - Sarah Galos


  • Ohanzee - Kathryn Holt
  • Uncredited Ohanzee Puppeteers - Laura Holt, Danielle D'Avignon, Sarah Galos



Locations used include the BU Castle and Myles Standish Hall.

The ending scenes were shot in classrooms around the BU George Sherman Union.

Jakob's/Darius' office is shot on set in Studio East. Props shared with the nice people of Baystate. Studio East was also where the Ohanzee dream sequences and the opening museum scene were shot.


  • First episode of Shadows which does not include the character of Jakob Resh since "Lainey" in 2002.
  • As the agents are cleaning out Jakob's office, there is a cameo appearance by Pete the Cactus .
  • An agent (Gary) is sent from Buffalo to clean things up, establishing that there is another office there. But who sent him?
  • Darius appears to be in charge now. But who does he take his orders from?
  • Darius watches Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • First lesbian makeout scene?

Rejected Plotlines[]

There was a scene shot for Darius' Ohanzee dream sequence where Darius sees himself dead. This was shot with the actor playing Gary Hummel (Ian Barton ) being Darius' body double when the camera didn't see his face. It was scrapped in the editing room because Darius' dream sequence visions were becoming redundant.

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