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Liability is episode 50 of Shadows, written by Andrew Tyma, Paul Giordano, Danielle D'Avignon, Kathryn Holt, and Laura Holt.


The mysterious Kitry from Agent Joan Vance's past, resurfaces with disturbing news about a plot in the vampire community. But Agent Darius has also gone missing.




Locations include Myles Standish Hall and the BU Castle.

The room where Darius is held captive is the Myles Standish Hall music room in the basement. It is next to a lower part of the kitchen, which made sound quality difficult.

The alley where Darius first finds Kitry is located in South Campus. It was filmed in a crowd of observing crew members and there was much hugging and dancing for warmth.

Darius' apartment was a common room on Baystate.

The coldest shoot for this episode was the last scene where the agents stand outside and regroup after loosing Bella. The shoot took place in winter and many of the actors had only short sleeves and thin suits on. Director Andrew Tyma made a point of leaving his coat off in between takes, so that he was always as cold as his actors had to be.


  • First full-episode appearance of Quinn Donnelly as Jakob Resh.
  • Kitry has been working as a "liason" - a person employed by vampires to act on their behalf in public settings.
  • Vance and Kitry are perhaps the first lesbian couple portrayed in the series.

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