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Gary Hummel is a character who first appears in "Ohanzee" and is played by Ian Barton. Gary is an agent from the Buffalo Agency who is sent to The Agency in episode 52. He is more suited to an office than a crime scene and tends to behave condisendingly to everyone. His real skills lay in filing so he is somewhat out of his depth when he is sent to organize The Agency when their leader is killed.

In "Ohanzee" Gary marches right in and thinks he can run The Agency, instigating a review that none of the agents respond well to. While Gary shoots his mouth off, thinking he is being taken seriously, and insulting most of The Agency and agents, the agents just react to him like a jerk and a joke. Agent Kitry Avineri finally breaks down and punches Gary, ironically for a comment that he was trying to turn into a compliment. Because of being knocked out, we never get to see what Gary's worst fear is, as we do the other agents, thanks to Ohanzee.

In "Exodus" Gary is horrified to learn that his manager from the Buffalo Agency, Sophia Bailey, is coming to take over management in The Agency. Gary takes this personally, as he was finally out from under Sophia's control when he came to The Agency, and now she comes in and takes away his chance of getting credit for The Agency's success. Sophia forces Gary to go out on patrol with the now partnerless, Joan Vance, and the two get along horribly. Gary shows great unease at the crime scene, particularly fear of the dangerous magic they uncover there. Oddly enough though, he is the one who hangs on to the magical artifact they find.

In "Pawn" no one pays Gary much attention despite his boasts that he knows more about what's going on than they give him credit for. We find later that this is because the demon in the episode is posessing Gary, thanks to a cursed book. The posession changes Gary's appearance until the end of the episode (Gary #2 played by Nick Peine ). After this episode Gary is sent back to buffalo to recouperate.