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Danielle D'Avignon (COM 12) grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. She majored in Film and Television and minored in Classical Civilizations (CAS).

She joined Shadows her Freshman year in 2008 as a production assistant, writer, editor. After working on "Wendigo" and seeing it go unfinished, Danielle edited together the footage with the unaired "Haunting" and made Wendigo the third Shadows webisode. Danielle created the special effects for "Ohanzee" as well as the logo for the Shadows blooper reels starting with "Liability" . She began producing episodes Sophmore year and went on to executive produce and direct several episodes.

Pete the Cactus depicted in "Ohanzee" and episode 53 "Exodus " lived with Danielle D'Avignon but ended up being played by three different cactus due to her inability to keep the cactus alive.

Danielle went on to intern with companys such as The Jim Henson Company and the Boston documentary company: Ben Loeterman Productions.