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In 2015, after a decade of Shadows episodes revolving around the mythic "Agency," producers Nicolás Esparza (pictured center), Bianca H. H. Takahashi (pictured bottom-right of center group), Phoebe Schmidt, and Felipe Belfort Marques decided to update the show. Citing budget restrictions, difficult continuity maintenance, and a general frustration with the way the show had become considered pathetically campy, the Agency was given one last episode, "Darkness Follows," and retired. In place of the X-Files-esque architecture, a new Twilight Zone-style formula was incorporated, giving each story its own setting, characters, and conclusions.

As of 2019, this is still the structure for the show. Different groups of writers work on 2-3 episodes at once, and at the same time, production teams work on 2-3 episodes to film and edit. The episodes (links to come) within this Anthology Generation are:



Red Dahlia

The Weakest Link

Right As Rain


In addition to these, there are two unfinished episodes:

Miraculum del Solis

The Unforgotten

And three that were published during the Anthology Generation that do not fit in completely with the rest of the series, for various reasons:

The Caru Mini-series

The Invention of Murder


(Note: This page will be updated as episodes are released. Current date: 6 August 2018)